Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Canceled Race and a Snowy Trail Run

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! For the third year in a row, Super Bowl Sunday was supposed to mean the annual Frostbite 5 Mile race for my mom and I, but unfortunately it wasn't in the cards this year.  Just as I was starting to get organized for the race, I saw a Facebook post from one of the local running shops announcing that the race had been canceled due to black ice.  What a bummer! The past two years, it's been absolutely freezing on race day, and today the temps were in the 30s, which feels like a heat wave compared to the polar vortex nonsense we've been dealing with lately.

I gave my mom a call to let her know what I'd just found out, and we decided if we weren't racing, we might as well go hit up the local hiking reserve and get some miles in anyway. I was excited for the first opportunity to try out my new Yak Trax that I had gotten for Christmas!

Once we got out to the trail, neither of us could believe how much ice there was everywhere. The temperature actually got up to nearly 50 degrees yesterday, so I really thought most of the ice would have melted. We were WRONG! We took it slow on the steep inclines and on the big rocks crossing the creek, but overall we had a fantastic hike. And I can't say enough about how great my Yak Trax were--those things were miracle workers out on the slick trails for this pregnant lady! I also noticed lots of other hikers and runners out in the reserve had them on their shoes, too. Thanks to my in-laws for such a great Christmas gift!

 My all-star Mom took me home after our hike, and continued on her way and walked another several miles.  She is still training hard for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in a few more weeks and I am so proud of her! This comment makes me realize that I haven't filled you all in on my intentions regarding the Disney run.  My doctor discouraged me from planning to run the half marathon, only because my mileage at the beginning of my pregnancy was relatively low, having just come off a half marathon training cycle and being in recovery mode.  The doctor told me that she totally advocates exercise through pregnancy, but this isn't the time for me to be training to increase my mileage.  So my plan is to get out there and start the race with Mom and my friends, and probably run about a 10k distance before bailing out. It will be my first DNF, but I'm just glad that I'll still be able to participate and share in the experience!

I want to back track a little and briefly talk about how this week was for me in terms of workouts.  The week started off really slow.  After being away last weekend, it's amazing how hard it is to make up for the lost rest and get back into a routine. I didn't workout Monday-Wednesday this week and was starting to feel pretty lazy about it. Thursday morning I forced myself out of bed and hit the gym, where I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill and followed that up with 30 minutes of legs and abs. It felt great to get back to it after a few days off! Then yesterday (Saturday), I met with my personal trainer, Katie, and had a pretty killer upper-body workout.  I am majorly feeling it in my shoulders today, especially!

Following my workout, Adam and I had tickets to see Sister Act at the Schuster Performing Arts Center here in town.  Of course, after my workout that morning, I needed some substience, so we headed to one of our favorite local spots for brunch before the show.  If you are in the Dayton area and haven't yet experienced Olive, An Urban Dive, please stop what you are doing and go there immediately. But first check their website and make sure they're open, because they do have somewhat limited hours.  Seriously though, you can't beat this place. They feature amazing specials every day, and they always seem to post pictures of their lunch specials on their Facebook page which leave my literally salivating in my desk chair wishing we were closer so I could go and enjoy the food.  For brunch yesterday, I enjoyed their lunch special which was breakfast tacos featuring chicken and bacon meatballs, super creamy havarti cheese, cilantro and purple cabbage, plus a side of their delicious fried leeks and the soup special of the day, sweet potato, turkey and chorizo.  This might not be what Katie has in mind for me to eat post-training, but sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? :)

Stay tuned for a 14 week pregnancy update coming later this week! Have a great night and enjoy the Super Bowl--and the commercials!

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  1. I like your running pants. Very styling! I've never had a race cancelled. Glad you had some fun anyway!


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